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Flag and anthem of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany

The main objective of the association is directed to the constitution, maintenance and enhancement of the museum in our town Ostrov as a dignified stand of science and culture. We want also contribute to the promotion of the city, its cultural continuity, and not least the development of research activities in the region Ostrovsko.

Contacts: ostrovskymuzejnispolek@email.cz
Information: www.ostrovskymuzejnispolek.e-stranky.cz


Ostrov is the town from Karlovy Vary Region in Czech Republic. It is located in the Doupov Mountains, 15 kilometres northeast of Karlovy Vary. The town is typically industrial and has a size of population approximately 17 000 inhabitants. His origin traces back to the beginning of the 13th century, as the town was founded by Kings of Bohemia. 




During the centuries the town has belong many aristocratic dynasties, among many: Schliks from Holic, Sachsen-Lauenburg, Baden-Baden, Habsburg Lotringen (Tuscani line). After a administrative reform in 1850, the city is ever since once again free. The castle with a domain devolve  in ownership of Czechoslovak Republic in 1919. After 1945, the original German population was displaced and the city became completely ethnically Czech. Gradually Ostrov grew and also his a population and small agricultural town became industrial centre at region. After 1990, the local industrial production disappeared. Now the town comes alive.




The Sons of the Mayor from Ostrov Leopold II Tuscan in Castle park at Ostrov castle, from left Ludwig Salvator, Johann Salvator. Both were inspiration for heroes from several novels of Jules Verne.



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